VIP DAY Partial Payment


 The VIP Day is ideal for sharp leaders who sense a greater calling.. a call to a mission — entrepreneurs, authors, communicators, coaches, small business owners, successful corporate leaders and corporate people ready to transition to new place, a new level or take real action to turn a long held dream, lifestyle or purposeful vision into reality.

And maybe most importantly, you are ready to take decisive action and create powerful, transformative results.

A VIP Day involves one special day to address and transform something important TO YOU. It engages both personal coaching and content geared towards making real progress. This can take place in person, at a special location, or over the phone or Skype. The key ingredients that make these truly “magical” are that they are:

  • Personal Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Platform Building
  • Potential Released

Together we will co-create, restructure, re-launch or focus you for optimal results and life and leadership as YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.  No more wasting time heading in direction that don’t work, don’t fit or keep you less than living into who God created you to be.

I will map out your unique strategies customized for your gifts and strengths and you will leave with a  SIMPLE PLAN to help live and lead purposefully, with more peaceful productivity and create profit from doing what you do best.    

And we will honestly and proactively work on combining passion AND paycheck if this is your need and desire.


VIP DAY Partial Payment
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Price $500.00