Endeavor Program and Coaching (DESIRES & FOCUS)

Though the outcome of your Endeavor experience depends on you, the process involves both self-guided reflection through the Endeavor material and one-on-one (or one on two if you do this as a couple) coaching sessions. 

DESIRES:  In this segment, we will explore what’s inside you. You will come away with clarity on your Dreams, Energy, Skills, Interests, Role, Emotions, and Standards.  The outcome of DESIRES will be personal Mission, Vision and Values statement for your life.   
FOCUS:  This segment moves you from potential to reality. You will explore and create a strategic game plan based on what’s outside you. Your Finances, Opportunities, Community, Undergirding and Snags. The outcome will be a Personal Playbook for to fully engage your best.  

Each section (DESIRES and FOCUS) includes either

Three 90 minute in person coaching sessions for each section (Or 6 sessions for total Endeavor or 9 hours of coaching broken up in one or two days)

*This assumes completion of each section  in 12 weeks                                

Endeavor Program and Coaching (DESIRES & FOCUS)
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Price $1,995.00