Unlike typical assessments that seek to analyze how you operate like other people or fit in certain categories, Ascend describes the UNIQUE YOU.  It creates a visual and verbal picture of:

  •  Your triggers: What gets you going, peaks your interest or motivates you to do something rather than nothing.
  •  Your support: What likely needs and or/environments will you likely require to thrive.
  • Your passion clues: What areas of interest stick out in and through you and what makes you enthusiastic.
  • Your tools: What skills, types of people, organizations, or values you prefer to work with. 
  •  Your destinations: What you accomplish, create or end up with when you do or produce your best outcomes.

Ascend is based on research on human motivation that believes that the best predictor of future success lies embedded in the stories of accomplishments from one's past - including one's early childhood.  When it comes to decisions on what direction to take next, the patterns of your past energy may be your most vital guide. 

Once you and/or your team register for Ascend, the personal (and typically quite enjoyable!) process will include:

1. Your accomplishments worksheet to simply list your past positive life and work experiences where you felt you were at your best.

2. Coach Interview: A 50-75 minute in person or phone coach conducted interview based on those experiences.

3. Your Ascend Diagram: You are sent a one-page diagram that uniquely portrays your energy.

4. Ascend Feedback Session:  Your coach utilizes the feedback from your Ascend Diagram to describe you at your best, seeking your affirmations and clarifications. (50 to 75 minutes)

You may then opt for more personal feedback and coaching sessions with your coach to discuss and strategize towards key applications from your Ascend experience but that is completely up to you. 


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Price $1,200.00